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Educating AMY Mini Quiet Book, Little Adventure

Educating AMY Mini Quiet Book, Little Adventure

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Crafted with care from a high-quality cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt fabric, Educating AMY Little Adventurer mini-book is a true treasure. Made with meticulous attention to detail, it boasts heirloom quality and is artisan-made.

Embark on an adventure with Little Adventurer! This adventure-themed mini-book offers a blend of practical skills and imaginative play. From lacing, buckling, buttoning (on an elasticated cord), and zipping to snaps and Velcro, it enhances fine motor skills. Explore the world of dinosaurs with the trio of adorable finger puppet companions.

  • Engage in creative play with the geometric train, button color matching maze, practical skills bear, and magnetic fishing game. 
  • Mom's Choice Awards 2021
  • The National Parenting Center 2021
  • Happy Kid Awards - Best for Sensory Play 2021
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